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We are on a mission to make plant-based life easy and enjoyable 

By making healthy, tasty and carbon neutral certified products an easy choice.

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Our ultimate goal: a sustainable life on earth

We really like this planet. But if we want to enjoy it longer we have to change the way we live and eat. We figured: if we make plant based life easy and enjoyable, more people will go for it. So we made tasty products that make it convenient and fun.

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At Wunda we believe that even a little step to a more sustainable planet is a step forward. Going plant-based all the way is great, but finding a way that works better for you is Wundaful as well. With plant-based products that are tasty and convenient, we make it easy for you. And if you need inspiration: there are plenty of recipes on our site as well. Enjoy and thank us later!

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We strive to do better than good

Plant based diets are good for people and good for the planet*. But even good can be improved. That's why at Wunda we aim to be carbon neutral: by reducing and offsetting all our emissions we help to maintain our Wundaful planet for current and future generations.

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Yes, healthy can be tasty

Our not-so-secret-anymore ingredient is the yellow pea protein. And yes, we love it! It tastes great and also doesn't come with that typical after taste many plant based drinks have. So you can enjoy whatever plant based meal or drink you have and still get lots of good stuff your body needs.

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Wunda plant based drink is made with protein from yellow peas. Trust us: it tastes Wundaful. Besides source of protein, the yellow pea gives a neutral taste that is complementary. It totally respects the original taste of your drinks and dishes. Yes, we know our place.

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The yellow field pea is full of protein. Even more Wundaful: peas have the ability to “fix” nitrogen in the soil, significantly reducing the need for fertilizer, also for following crops. Yes, a few more reasons why we love it so much.

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If you like a cappuccino, latte macchiato or flat white with a nice layer of foam on it, there is more good news. Wunda plant based drink is absolutely master when it comes to foaminess. So go ahead and show your latte skills!